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[ Vote results for the battle on 12/08/2016 ]

Amateur Battle Champion

67 %   32 %

Amateur Battle Challenger

67.45% (1256)   (606) 32.55%
Gekko - (07:50:48)  12/08/2016

I love pussy 

Flux420 - (08:07:31)  12/08/2016

The pic on the right is the best
FUCKOFF DITCH PIG - (10:31:13)  12/08/2016

This blows having to see Hog Girl all the time. I would say vote against her but  
we all know by now that our votes don't really count. Fat Nasty will be here  
and win as much and as often as the admin wants on fake votes and posts that say  
she is "clearly better" or "making me hot" . What a crock of shit. FUCK YOU  

tbag - (10:31:53)  12/08/2016

Fuckoff with the Ditch Pig! This site sucks now because you keep posting shitbag  
women and fake wins for them. Rather than make this shit hole great you posted  
the same ugly cottage cheese hole cunts over and over and over. Now you toss her  
into hardcore and titty battle as well? And enough with posting Hog Girl as  
well. I'm sure that fat no tooth slob is soon to be back dominating Armature  
battle thru constant posts and FAKE wins. What an ass clown your are.  

Captainpants - (10:33:00)  12/08/2016

The challenger is clearly better
RandyAdams - (12:27:30)  12/08/2016

The picture on the left is a total hottie
Qbone - (14:24:16)  12/08/2016

Challenger is way better
WTF - (16:11:55)  12/08/2016

The challenger is ditch pig, an abomination beyond disgusting in a very real  
sense. It shows how little this site gives a shit about quality. It is  
repulsive to see her ever. You have no standards or taste in women. Whats the  
point of sending you new photos when all you do is recycle that same ones you  
already have endlessly? And maybe remove the malicious code you're running on  
asian battle, or haven't you even notice the clicks to that page are WAY down  
you dirt bag.  

Jojo - (16:10:46)  12/08/2016

The pic on the left is very hot
Yaddayadda - (18:34:45)  12/08/2016

The challenger is totally better
WTF - (20:28:32)  12/08/2016

Again I am still upset that they never show any gay men porn pictures I just  
want someone to cum deep in my throat  
Sorry again  

Jimmy - (20:35:43)  12/08/2016

I'll shove my cock in any hole you want" WTF" 

Stan - (20:38:16)  12/08/2016

Hey "WTF" 
I will let you suck my dick 

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